Vertigo | Ίλιγγος

Vertigo & ENT Treatment

Vertigo is the feeling of spinning of the person or the environment and is usually accompanied by a tendency to vomit and unsteadiness.

When intense, it frightens the patient greatly and can cause a fall and accident.

In the majority of cases, vertigo is due to diseases of the labyrinth and not of the neck or stomach, as many think.

The most common diseases are vestibular neuronitis, labyrinthitis, positional vertigo, Meniere’s disease and more rarely tumors of the “balance nerve” and the brain.

The first two are “infections” of the labyrinth, they last for a short time and are treated with medication.

Positional vertigo is very common and can trouble the patient for a long time. The diagnosis for ENT is very simple and the treatment in 90% of cases is done on the spot in the doctor’s office with some manipulations and takes a few minutes.

Vertigo should always be evaluated by an ENT and investigated for other symptoms, such as tinnitus or hearing loss, which may lead to the diagnosis of other, more serious conditions – fortunately not often.