Dr Eleni Peraki ENT Athens Paros Ear buzzing

Otitis externa

During the summer months, due to the frequent contact of the ears with water, cases of otitis externa increase significantly.
If you feel your ear blocked or wet, with or without pain, it is advisable to visit your ENT.
Often only a simple cleaning can be sufficient, but in some cases medication may also be needed.
The honeycomb plug (wax) holds moisture in the external ear canal and favors the growth of microbes and fungi.
Swabs do not help, on the contrary, they push the wax deeper.
As far as medication is concerned, 8 out of 10 otitis externa are treated with the appropriate ear drops, as long as the ear does not get wet for a few days, because moisture “feeds” the germ.
However, 1 in 10 otitis externa requires oral antibiotics and in some rare, neglected cases even hospitalization is required.
That’s why you shouldn’t ignore the “signals” your ears are sending you, especially in the summer.